The Naughty Witch: Book 1 – Pumpkin

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Halloween picture childrens book - The Naughty Witch - Book 1 - Pumpkin by Cate Zeederberg

Introducing The Naughty Witch!

The whole family is invited to discover our first magical, rhyming tale featuring a little, green witch’s mischievous adventure on Halloween night and a very important lesson learned. This incredibly cute and kid-friendly picture book makes for a perfect gift to celebrate the spooky season!

The Naughty Witch - Book 1 - Pumpkin Halloween Picture Book by Cate Zeederberg

A little, green witch sets off through the night to enjoy her favorite time of the year – Halloween. She soon realizes how quiet and lonely the starry skies are and decides to look for some mischief on the ground below. The Naughty Witch comes across a little house with three wonderfully carved jack-o-lanterns on the porch. One of the bright pumpkin faces charms the witch and she impulsively snatches it away. Will our little, green witch keep this stolen poppet forever or will she make a better choice?