The Naughty Witch: Book 2 – Snow

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Discover the next chapter of The Naughty Witch!

This magical, rhyming tale features our familiar green witch and introduces two new friends for a snowy adventure. Snuggle up for an endearing and kid-friendly picture book to celebrate the changing seasons!

This family friendly, read-aloud winter adventure takes us on a journey through frosty skies and a blizzard hide-n-seek. Follow the Naughty Witch, Jack Frost, and Winter as they play and conjure up dreams of snowy shenanigans in a world of their own making. But the chill-filled party must come to an end when the warm winds blow in and the blazing sun starts to melt all their fun. Read along with this quick, bedtime story to find out if our worried little witch learns an important lesson about friendship and saying farewell.